Rolling Video Games Empowering Individuals and Encouraging Entrepreneurship Across the US, One Trailer at a Time

Chris Hampton is not your typical entrepreneur. Rather than simply employing people, he wishes to do something more significant – empowering them.

Rolling Video Games is the culmination of this vision in which individuals are able to buy a trailer and get plugged into a network where they are immediately part of a successful business. Setting their own prices and work times, anyone can succeed at this endeavor with a decent work ethic. While friends encouraged Hampton to set up the business as a franchise, his desire to empower others pushed him in another direction. His goal, in short, is to make Rolling Video Games into the Uber of Party trailers.

Quite simply, he has created a network where one can buy a party trailer anywhere and get plugged into the same booking system. Clients then start booking parties right away. Most importantly, owners are not renting or leasing their trailers. Instead, they own them 100%. Money and freedom with complete control are some of the most significant benefits of becoming part of the Rolling Video Games network. With more than 200 party trailers across the United States, Hampton is providing professional and financial freedom to others and a great deal of fun to birthday parties and other events.

Chris Hampton started Rolling Video Games in 2009. Beginning in a North Chattanooga facility, he outgrew it, eventually moving into a 12,000-square-foot facility. Hampton has a history of starting businesses, including restaurants, patenting products, 3D printing, and a marketing company. His goals have always included empowering others and helping them to be successful. Amid all this activity, Chris has found the time to raise five kids, 3 of whom are presently in college. He hopes to include them in the family business eventually or help empower them to start their own businesses.

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